Our “Community Fundraiser Night” program allows us to partner with YOUR organization to generate a cash contribution. We supply you with a custom voucher for your event. You print and distribute the vouchers and promote your fundraiser. 20% of the total sale value attributed to each redeemed voucher will be donated back to your organization. Everyone wins…your supporters receive a great meal from Grotto Pizza and your organization receives a donation directly relational to your group’s efforts.

Grotto Pizza is pleased to host Community Fundraiser Nights on Mondays and Tuesdays (excludes holidays). All fundraiser nights must be scheduled in advance with the store of your choosing although we schedule only one fundraiser per night per location.

So how does it work?

1) Visit Grotto Pizza and schedule a Community Fundraiser Night with our management team (Monday or Tuesdays, holidays excluded).

2) You will receive a voucher template with the information regarding your fundraiser night. Make copies of these vouchers and distribute to people who support your organization.

3) Your supports then visit Grotto Pizza on the scheduled day (dine in or take out). When paying their check the guest turns in their voucher.

4) At the end of the night we make a 20% donation to your organization for the value of the checks that are associated with vouchers (excludes tax and alcohol).

5) Your organization will then receive a check for the total amount as well as a sheet overviewing the number of
vouchers redeemed and their dollar value. There are a few limitations. First, we can only hold Community Fundraiser Nights for organizations that hold 501(c) (3) status. Confirmation of this status is required. This means that we cannot hold these events in support of individuals or political organizations.

If you are interested in holding a Community Fundraiser Night at Grotto Pizza, please visit one of our three locations in Pennsylvania for a consultation with our management team. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

Grotto Pizza outside the Wyoming Valley Mall: (570) 822-6600
Grotto Pizza at the Gateway Cntr., in Edwardsville: (570) 331-3278
Grotto Pizza at Harveys Lake: (570) 639-32378